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Business Financial Literacy 

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The Business Financial Literacy Webinar aims to help individuals and business owners understand the importance of financial literacy in the competitive market. Accomplished speaker will share their expertise on financial statements, business plans, and growing your business. Attendees can interact and ask for advice to enhance their financial knowledge and skills.

This webinar is perfect for those looking to enhance their business acumen and financial knowledge. It will equip attendees with the necessary knowledge for confident financial management and future growth. Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for the full webinar.

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Series 1
Forming & Structuring your business

Do you own a business or do you own a job? How is your business setup? Do you know LLC vs Sole Proprietor vs S-Corp vs C-Corp and the advantages and disadvantages? The steps for starting and structuring a business, which include identifying a business idea, determining the target market, creating a business plan, choosing a business structure, registering the business, building a team, developing a marketing strategy, launching the business, managing finances, and staying up-to-date with changes in the market and industry standards. BONUS TOPIC: Social Media Marketing FREE Ebook: Business Structure Setup FREE Ebook: Social Media Marketing FREE Tools: Business Plan Template

Series 2
Understanding Your Business Finances

Are you managing your business finances? How often are you reviewing your financial statements? Reviewing income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Calculating liquidity, profitability, solvency, efficiency, and return ratios. Tracking trends and making industry comparisons. Considering management insights in reports. BONUS TOPIC: IRS reporting cash app, venmo & paypal payments FREE Ebook: Finances & Small Business FREE Ebook: Affiliate Partnership FREE Tools: P&L Template FREE Tools: Balance Sheet Template FREE Tools: Google sheet for tracking affliate partnerships

Series 3
Business Tax Planning & Compliance

Business tax planning and compliance involves developing strategies to lower tax liability while following tax laws. It includes knowledge of the tax system, identifying tax breaks, and working with professionals. Effective tax planning includes preparing tax returns, assisting in audits, and dispute resolution. It is cost-effective and avoids legal challenges. BONUS TOPIC: Employee Retention Credit (ERC) FREE Ebook: Deductible Business Expenses & Small Business Credits FREE Tools: Business Planner

Series 4
Building Business Credit

Building business credit involves using a business credit card, applying for small business loans, separating personal and business credit, and monitoring your credit report. Building business credit can be time-consuming but can increase your chances of success in the long run. BONUS TOPIC: Repairing Personal Credit & Dispute Letters FREE Ebook: Building Business Credit FREE Ebook: Fixing your Personal Credit FREE Tools: List of business vendors for business & personal credit

Series 5
Getting Business Funding

Determining the required funding, exploring various funding options, preparing necessary documents, checking credit score, applying for funding following the lender's process, and then using the funding wisely. The author concludes that careful planning, research, and preparation can help businesses in obtaining funding. BONUS TOPIC: Digital Cyber Security (protecting your online presence) FREE Ebook: Setting up your Business for Capital Funding FREE Ebook: Beginner Guide to Cyber Security Protection FREE Tools: Business Security Plan

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Full Business Financial Literacy Webinar
Full Business Financial Literacy Webinar
Oct 04, 2023, 4:30 PM EDT
Zoom Virtual Meeting
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